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Criminal Law in Edmonton

What Criminal Lawyers in Edmonton Actually Do

In our line of work, the question “what do criminal lawyers actually do?” comes up a lot. Criminal defence lawyers represent people charged with crimes in a court of law and provide them with legal advice and counsel. Criminal law in Canada is complex and it takes a qualified professional to properly serve the accused and help them navigate the criminal justice process.

Criminal/Assault lawyers for driving under the influence(DUI), sexual assault, domestic violence etc. have undergone rigorous learning at accredited post-secondary institutions to obtain knowledge and be called to the provincial bar, which allows them to practice law in Edmonton and the province of Alberta as a whole. Even though a defendant has the option to self-represent, the average person does not have the knowledge and experience to do so effectively, and they will likely do themselves a disservice.

A criminal case is a process and the trial is merely the latter part. First, there are hearings for bail in which the judge determines if the defendant is to be granted temporary freedom before a verdict on his or her culpability is issued. A lawyer will assess your matter and give advice early on, greatly increasing your likelihood of receiving bail and of a favourable outcome to your case. The lawyer will assist you with representation during police questioning and other legal proceedings to arrive at a plea.

Research and Advice by Criminal Defence Lawyer

In the event of the case going to trial, your criminal defence lawyer will research the facts of the case as well as pertinent laws. Throughout the trial, the counsel will raise defences that can assist their client, offer advice about best practices for their client during questioning and interview key witnesses to obtain their testimony. The criminal defence lawyer will assess the strengths and weaknesses of their client’s case, finding the optimal strategy as the trial progresses.

A lawyer will continue to assist after the trial has run its course and a verdict has been handed down with sentencing. In the event the client’s strategy is not successful, the criminal lawyer will assist with the appeal. If a client is found guilty after an appellate process, the lawyer will provide further help with issues such as probation and parole.

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Being charged with a criminal offence is a life-changing event but you don’t have to face this stressful situation alone.  Choosing a criminal lawyer that best represents your rights is important both to ease your fears and to advise and help you through the legal process.  At Kolinsky Law, our reputation, years in practice, and expertise help you find the best outcome possible no matter your situation.

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