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Family Lawyer in Edmonton for divorce, family DISPUTE, child custody separation and more

At Kolinsky Law, we tailor legal advice with an emphasis on reaching an efficient and fair resolution. David Kolinsky excels amongst family lawyers in Edmonton at meeting goals regarding divorce, separation, parenting, and financial support. These family law issues may create disputes due to the high stakes involved, however our results-driven representation keeps the process moving forward productively.

Separation and Divorce

Family law lawyers in Edmonton advise people as they work through the steps of ending their marital relationship. In Alberta, a 12-month separation serves as sufficient reason to get a divorce. At times, people choose to be separated for longer periods without pursuing the finality of divorce.

divorce and separation meeting with lawyer

Either way, you need to work out the legal structure of how you and your former spouse will divide marital property and parenting responsibilities if you have children.

With the legal knowledge and experience of Kolinsky Law on your side, you will be prepared to defend your financial interests. Our divorce lawyer in Edmonton will empower you to make informed decisions as you navigate numerous legal details, many of which have long-term consequences.

Although we strive to avoid lengthy legal battles, we are a reliable source of Edmonton contested divorce lawyers should you need to go to court. We know how to advance your agenda before a judge with well-reasoned legal arguments.

Child Custody and Child Support

The parent-child bond is strong and therefore a source of intense opinions when you create a parenting schedule and decide who pays for what. For this reason, child custody and support are leading reasons that people seek out a family dispute lawyer.

Divorce and custody lawyers normally try to broker a custody and support agreement that maintains the children’s best interests without forcing the issue in front of a judge. However, when access to your children is threatened, you can depend on Kolinsky Law to protect your rights tenaciously.

Even when things have been settled for a while, the issue of child mobility can cause a custody dispute to flare up. A child custody lawyer in Edmonton can help you communicate your concerns in family court regarding child relocation.

Spousal Support

Spousal support may be part of your divorce agreement when the end of the marriage imposes unacceptable financial hardship on one person. This usually occurs if one spouse had a much lower income than the other, has a disability, or needs time to develop employable skills.

The best divorce lawyers in Edmonton understand the legal standards that could authorize spousal support award. If you suspect that you may qualify for spousal support or have been asked to pay an unreasonable amount, come to Kolinsky Law for a detailed analysis of your rights.

Matrimonial Property

Whether done amicably or hotly fought over, the division of marital assets presents one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. The Matrimonial Property Act (MPA) in Alberta outlines how married couples are to divide their marital assets.

In general, the law directs people to divide assets and debts acquired since the date of marriage equally. Although this guidance may appear clear, many questions can easily arise related to the valuation of property, inheritance, or not holding title to the matrimonial home.

If you are part of a common-law relationship, your rights to property are not the same as legally married people. Even so, divorce lawyers in Edmonton can still develop strategies to help you negotiate your property division.

Edmonton Divorce Lawyers Who Solve Problems

At Kolinsky Law, we will advocate strongly for your goals while setting a realistic and cost-effective framework for your success. A fast and fair resolution of your divorce or family-related dispute is our top priority because it controls costs and reduces stress.

Mediation and Collaborative Law

A collaborative law approach seeks to reduce the usually adversarial nature of divorce and custody discussions. This may be accomplished through the use of a mediator or lawyer-assisted negotiation. Family law lawyers in Edmonton may recommend these services as a way to avoid the cost and unpredictability of court.

Speaking with us at Kolinsky Law could help you understand these options `and decide if they would be beneficial to your situation.

Marriage Agreements

Many of the financial frustrations of dissolving a marriage may be avoided by crafting a marriage agreement. A marriage agreement, or cohabitation agreement, outlines possession of certain assets or debts so that both parties understand how things will be divided should the relationship end.

Put our experience with divorce to work for you. We can craft a comprehensive marriage agreement that reduces uncertainty and protects assets.

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We can help you avoid unproductive arguments and missteps in court that could drag out your divorce. Let us identify your best options and start solving your family law problems right away. Call (780) 757-6400 or email Kolinsky Law.

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