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Family Law Edmonton

Family law covers many aspects of a broader law, and many family lawyers have different areas of specialty within the field. lawyer for family dispute, or lawyers for divorce specifically, offer services for clients relating to the division of property, separation and divorce, and child support and custody.

If a client needs a will, estate planning advice or a property agreement, a family lawyer has the expertise to advise and prepare the necessary documentation. Someone with a large or complex estate may wish not to burden their survivors with the management of it. A family lawyer will assist with that responsibility, making deaths and other major life events as smooth as possible for all stakeholders.

In the case of separation or divorce, making the transition will usually be stressful for all involved. Focusing on details may not be easy, which makes hiring a professional divorce lawyer all the more important. They have the knowledge and experience to properly represent your interests in cases of spousal support, division of property and other potential points of disagreement in a timely and logical manner while mitigating conflict to the extent possible.

If children are involved in the divorce, the lawyers will ensure their interests are heard, working to minimize the lasting effects that a major change in family structure can bring. Not surprisingly, divorce cases involving children have the highest potential for friction. Family lawyers work to negotiate fair terms for child support and custody.

Family law matters include Marriage/prenuptial agreements, divorce and uncontested divorce, Marital annulment, Child support and custody, Reduction of child support, Spousal support, Reduction of spousal support, Alimony, Division of property, Grandparents’ rights, Child protection, Wills and estates, and more.

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